Thursday, May 04, 2006

The Spoils of Webs

There has been knitting here, but there has not been blogging.

There has also been yarn buying. In fact, so much new yarn has entered my tiny home in the last week that I'm not going to show it to you. Instead, I'll just quietly start to use it and mention that it came from my most recent trip to Webs. And I'll hope that you all have very bad memories and won't actually realize how much yarn I bought at once (here's a hint- I had trouble lifting the bag of yarn off the counter). My husband (who actually told me that I should buy some yarn on this trip to Webs) does not know how much I bought. He only saw this:

He is quite sure that the two cones of yarn were not there before, and he doesn't think that the basket was quite so full before, but he doesn't really know how much yarn I hid away in other stash storage areas. That's a good thing.

So the first thing I did when I got home (after I hid the new purchases) was to start using some of that new yarn. I quickly realized that it was not all going to fit in the space that had been previously occupied by yarn, so I started by knitting a project that would use a lot of it up fast. This is Cascade 220, knit doubled on size 11 needles. If I didn't own the Boye needlemaster set, I would not have needles even close to a size 11. I never really thought I would use the larger sized needles in the set, but I guess they really are there for something.

This rather strange looking object is a mobius bag (I've really only knit the strap/handle so far)from Cat Bordhi's The Second Treasury of magical Knitting. It will be felted, and will hopefully shrink significantly. I'm on my third 100g skein since Sunday afternoon. This is clearly making space in the stash quickly.

I did plan for this yarn-buying trip by using up as much yarn as I could in the two days before I left. I made some more dishcloths...

...I made a bear for Mrs. Longwool's new baby...

(Magic Friends pattern from Idle Hours, purchased at my LYS. The yarn is Katia Velour, which is not really hairy enough for this pattern, but it did work)

...and I did my best to make good progress on my wheat ear rib sweater.

I'm not sure that the raglan shaping on the back is going to work, but in the meantime I started the front. I'll figure out the shaping when all the pieces are done. That way I'll get to rip out the tops of all four pieces. I like to do things the efficient way around here.


At 1:03 PM, Anonymous June said...

Look at that haul! But why do you feel the need to sneak the stash past hubby?

At 4:09 PM, Blogger Jennifer said...

Ah, the Webs loot. I notice the yarn you've hidden away also happens to be the brightest colors that you bought. ;)
Thanks again for the bear for Mr. O. The velour yarn was a perfect choice: soft and fuzzy.

At 7:36 AM, Anonymous diana said...

Look at that sweet little bear! And nice haul from Webs.


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