Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Needle Holder

I was so impressed by Stephanie's craft room organization, that I decided to do some work on mine. I can now vacuum in there! Sadly, that's an improvement. I still need some better storage, but I did manage to take care of one small problem: my circular needles. I copied Stephanie's idea of sewing a walll-hung organization system. Here's the result:

I made the pockets a bit too deep, so my smaller needles fall all the way in. But at least I know where to look for them, and I won't need to check too many needles with my needle sizer before starting a project. It's a huge improvement over the (ripped) ziplock bag I had been using. I also added in some pockets at the top for notions. This way I have some hope of finding a tape measure or stitch holder if I need it.

An added bonus is that it covers some of the mint green of the walls (it's actually a worse color than this picture makes out- think true mint green). This is one of the 5 colors of green that the previous owners painted inside the house. Sadly, it isn't the worst shade of green that they used, so we haven't gotten around to painting over it yet.

I still need to get a dowel rod and some clear fishing line to hang this properly. As a temporary fix, I used a curtain rod that the previous owners left and some scraps of yarn. Hopefully I'll get to it this weekend.



At 10:11 PM, Anonymous Janine said...

Good job! I really like the idea of it being hung with yarn, though. Or maybe ribbon. I mean, it fits - you knit with yarn, you organize with yarn.

Plus, it's more charming than fishing line :)


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