Wednesday, August 24, 2005

When the men are away...

...the secretive knitter will block!

I ended up being able to block my wedding shawl sooner than I had thought. While I did have some offers of other people's houses I could use to block it, I thought it would be easier to do it at home. I had a chance this morning, and I took it. My soon-to-be husband left for work a little early this morning. I locked the door behind him and immediately started blocking. This shawl turned out to be BIG. It is about 110 inches long (that's 9 feet!) and 18 inches wide. I want the edges of this one to be a bit scalloped, so I used many, many pins instead of wires. After about an hour of washing and pinning, I set up a fan near it and left for work. Now I just need to get home early to take it down. I hope it's dry!

Here are a few photos of it all pinned out.

The center panel

about 1/3 of the length

One end

A closeup of a short side

Thanks for all your comments about the join. I'm glad you didn't notice it much. Once I had washed the shawl and pinned it out, I didn't notice it much either. Blocking solves all sorts of problems!


At 2:58 PM, Anonymous grumperina said...

It looks beautiful, and I'm glad you were able to block while DH-to-be was at work. Nice photos, too.

At 4:29 PM, Anonymous Angie said...

Beautiful shawl. I couldn't tell where the join was. I am interested in trying to knit a lace shawl, any suggestions on a fairly simple pattern?

At 9:50 PM, Anonymous June said...

*happy sigh*

Beautiful, beautiful! It will work PERFECTLY with your dress. Congratulations!


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