Thursday, August 18, 2005


I've been making progress on my shawls, but I don't have anything that is very photo-worthy. Here is a summary of what I have done, and what is left to do:

1. The center panel of my shawl is done. I only have 15 more leaves to do on the border. It doesn't look much different than it did here (scroll down to July 28). In less than three hours of knitting time (but it has to be secret knitting time) this one should be done.

2. I have one of the bridesmaids' shawls completely done and blocked. The center panel of the second one is done, and I have passed the half-way point on the border. All that's left is 37 more leaf repeats, and a corner. If I can keep up last night's pace, it should be done in about a week.

3. I have yet to start a shawl for my junior bridesmaid. I think I am going to run low on time for this one. I had to order more yarn, which won't be here for about another week and a half. That means I'll have about one and a half months to knit the whole thing. I think I am going to try to adapt the pattern for a triangular shawl, starting at the bottom point and working the border on as I go. I tried to chart this out on graph paper tonight, but I think it will be easier to figure out with yarn and needles in my hands. This way I can knit it as big as I can given the time, and then quickly put a border along the top in the last minute. I think this plan might work. But only if I knit fast!

There is one problem. My wrist is starting to get sore from all this lace knitting. Attaching the border to the center panel requires a lot of wrist strength. Hopefully it holds out a little longer!


At 8:14 PM, Anonymous grumperina said...

Give it a try, see how you like it! Many bloggers use flickr for finished object galleries, it gives this rotating random panel.... uhm, look at Carolyn's: Individual entry comments are a big plus.

At 10:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh Yeah! Commenting made easy! Congrats on your move and killer on the wrist strain. I definitely found that using dinky braces from Walgreens helped my wrists. I can't wait to see more progress. How are the other wedding plans going?

Jofrog is Knitfrog


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